I’m Sid Krishnan, founder and developer at Duck Type Labs, a small software consultancy based out of Toronto.

I help small to mid-sized product teams get features out the door quicker and into waiting customers’ hands. Unlike other consultancies, I focus on making your codebase better by reducing technical debt, without disrupting your team’s workflow.

If you want to know more, I encourage you join my free, 4 part email course on Managing Technical Debt in your Rails App.

If you want to discuss working together, email me at sidk@ducktypelabs.com!

We’d already had such bad luck with developer engagements which had ended with them going radio silent on us, that engaging with a new services business was a scary prospect. We knew we had to grow out of our dependence on Google Docs to take the business forward but at the end of the day, we needed someone we could trust and could be relied upon to follow through.

Sid took the time to build trust with us. We started off with smaller engagements, which gradually grew into a long-term relationship.

As a meal delivery company that offers a high level of customization to our customers, we found that setting up forms using Google Docs and then migrating customer selection data to Excel was not only mind-numbing — it also took up a significant chunk of our daily time.

Working with Sid to build a custom web application allowed us to streamline our data gathering and processing, which made engaging with our customers much easier and faster. It also reduced the time we were spending on our day-to-day workflow. Sid allowed us to automate all parts of the customer lifecycle, from sign up, to meal selections and to renewal/exit.

What I like about Sid is that whenever I approach him with a new feature idea, he takes the time to talk through exactly why and how a feature would be useful to my business, instead of just going ahead with building it. This has been valuable to me as a business owner, to strike a balance between building “nice to have” features and those which have an immediate ROI.

I recommend Sid because he has taken the time to get to know my business, whether it’s by actually coming in to our kitchen and observing the team in action, or lengthy phone calls to understand our processes in detail.

I view him as a partner and look forward to implementing a marketing strategy that is streamlined through our website in the years to come and continue to grow the business together.

— David Greensmith, Owner at Essential Meal Delivery